Emanuel Parzen Graduate Research Fellowship Award

Emanuel Parzen Graduate Research Fellowship Award

mannyIn the summer of 2000, the Department of Statistics initiated a graduate student research award to recognize students who have demonstrated exemplary research, above and beyond what is expected for graduation. (Details on the award can be found below.)

The Department also felt that it was important to establish a role-model for scholarly activity by naming the award after Emanuel Parzen. Professor Parzen received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1953 under the direction of Michel Loeve. His long and storied career has taken him to Columbia University (from 1953 to 1956), Stanford University (from 1956 to 1970), SUNY Buffalo (from 1970 to 1978), and finally to Texas A&M where he was a Distinguished Professor until his retirement and death in 2016.

Generations of statisticians (and in fact scientists of many varieties) have learned probability and stochastic processes from his remarkable textbooks. He is one of the fathers of modern time series analysis and probability density estimation, with the Parzen window being one of the most recognizable functions in all of statistics.

Professor Parzen’s enthusiasm, scholarly accomplishments and general promotion of the field of statistics have made him one of the most recognized statisticians in the world. His continual search for knowledge and his love of research also makes him a fitting role model for students searching for a career in statistics.

Nominations are due by May 1 of each year and winners are announced at the end of the summer.

Award Recipients

  • 2000 – Liang, Hua
  • 2001 – Pounds, Stanley
  • 2002 – Munoz, Yolanda
  • 2003 – Apanasovich, Tanya & Baladanayuthapani, Veera
  • 2004 – Ray, Shubankar
  • 2005 – Kim, Sinae & Li, Yehua
  • 2006 – Maity, Arnab
  • 2007 – Maity, Arnab
  • 2008 – Savchuk, Olga
  • 2009 – Ghosh, Souparno & Lennox, Kristen
  • 2010 – Bandyopadhyay, Soutir
  • 2011 – Xu, Ganggang
  • 2012 – Mukhopadhyay, Subhadeep
  • 2013 – Song, Qifan
  • 2014 – He, Shiyuan
  • 2015 – Jeong, Jaehong
  • 2016 – Shin, Minsuk
  • 2017 – Chakraborty, Antik
  • 2018 – Sundararajan, Raanju