Prerequisite Override

All prerequisite override requests must be emailed to

Emails must include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • UIN
  • Major
  • Course Requested
  • Semester Requested
  • Prerequisite course taken and grade earned
  • Institution where prerequisite course was completed

Students wanting to register for STAT courses in an upcoming semester but who have not yet met the prerequisite requirements have the following options:

  • Students taking a prerequisite course at TAMU in the upcoming summer semester may enroll themselves in their fall courses after they are enrolled in the prerequisite course for the summer semester.
  • Students taking a prerequisite course outside of TAMU will need to show proof of fulfilling the prerequisite requirements before a PREREQ override will be placed on the student’s account.
  • Blinn TEAM and TEAB students may receive prerequisite errors for several reasons: (1) either you registered late for Blinn classes, and your Spring courses were not on the transcript Blinn sent to A&M at the beginning of the semester, or (2) you have a hold (such as an unpaid parking ticket at Blinn) that prevented your transcript from being sent. Once your in-progress (IP) course(s) at Blinn is posted in Howdy, you will satisfy the prerequisite and be able to register for the other courses. If you are a TEAB or Blinn TEAM student, and need help with a prerequisite override, please email
  • If you have not yet sent your official transcript to TAMU, or are waiting for it to be processed, we will accept the following forms of proof:
    • Copy of final grade (unofficial transcript pdf preferred) earned in prerequisite course, if the course was taken from an approved college or university and accepted as a transfer equivalency course at TAMU
    • Credit for prerequisite course is included on the student’s TAMU transcript