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The Department of Statistics at Texas A&M University is one of the leading Statistics departments in the country. Because of its global reputation, our faculty and students are consistently awarded honors, grants, and invited to present their research at international conferences.

According to U.S. News rankings, our Graduate Degree is currently listed as the 6th best public university in the nation for Statistics. Based on the quality of our program, Statistics at Texas A&M is rated higher than over half of the Ivy League Universities, including Yale and Columbia.

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The Statistics Department at Texas A&M is committed to providing students with highly competitive funding opportunities. The department offers many scholarships and fellowships, as well as assistantships. These assistantships include stipends and waivers for out of state tuition. The incoming class of graduate students this academic year all received full funding.

Students also benefit from a number of grant opportunities as they progress in their degrees. Graduate students are considered for multiple awards; including the William S. Connor Award, the Emanuel Parzen Graduate Research Fellowship, the Margaret Sheather Memorial Award in Analytics, and the Anant M. Kshirsagar Endowed Fellowship. These awards include a financial component and the recipients are honored at the Joint Statistical Meetings.

The Statistics Department further assists students by providing grant opportunities to travel and present at conferences. This, along with a department internship program, significantly contributes to student research and visibility in the field. 



In today’s market, statisticians are in high demand for their ability to collect and analyze data. In order to successfully prepare students for this market, the Graduate Degree in Statistics is carefully structured to obtain the most personalized and impactful results for each individual. In this way the Department of Statistics at Texas A&M provides both the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise necessary to excel in whatever field students choose to pursue after graduation. As a result, our graduates have gone on to prominent positions in both the public and private sector.

Recent graduates have begun their careers in a variety of industries. Our students have been sought after in the corporate world and have taken roles throughout the business sector. Others have gone for further business training in programs such as the highly competitive Wharton School of Business. The graduate program in Statistics develops this foundation through targeted classes, interdepartmental cooperation, and internship opportunities aimed at helping graduates to succeed in commercial fields.

Our program allows the flexibility to specialize in areas such as medical and environmental research. The faculty in the Statistics Department are on the cutting-edge of disease prevention and vaccine studies. Our professors have received millions of dollars in grants to conduct lifesaving research into cancer treatments and other health issues. This background is reflected in the classes they teach and in their current research. Students benefit from their experience and have successfully obtained employment at institutions like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and National Institutes of Health.

Other graduates have pursued careers in academia; including Post-Doctoral fellowships and teaching positions at universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. Our students receive Teaching Assistant training and have the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes, which provides the experience and knowledge necessary to obtain a place within the Texas A&M University system or at any other world class institution.

Statistics students are also able to benefit from the extensive resources that the Texas A&M community has to offer. The university has a dedicated career center, as well as a large and active alumni network.  Visit the Aggie Career Center for more information.

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