Statistical Collaboration Center

The Statistical Collaboration Center (SCC) is collaborative service operated by faculty from the Department of Statistics which provides statistical advice to other faculty members at Texas A&M University. The SCC provides support in research planning, experimental design, statistical modeling and analysis, and statistical methods development.

Faculty seeking statistical advice may contact the SCC to set an appointment with one of our consultants. We intend to provide this service primarily to other faculty at the University, although students may be invited to accompany their faculty advisors to meetings with SCC personnel.

The SCC charges no fee for initial consulting meetings, and often there is no fee for short-term consulting. In some cases, clients will be invited to present their research problems during a consulting seminar attended by statistics graduate students. The purpose of these presentations is to recruit graduate students to assist in longer-term collaborations and to provide collaborative experience to graduate students in the Department of Statistics.

Because the service is offered on a pro bono basis, it is expected that collaborative services that lead to scientific publications will be appropriately acknowledged through joint authorship on research articles. Similarly, it is expected that SCC personnel will be included for partial support on grant applications that they help prepare and on which future statistical analyses of project data are anticipated.

Faculty wishing to utilize the Statistical Collaborative Center should send an email to This email should contain a brief description of the project on which assistance is requested, contact information, and several suggestions for meeting times.



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